Need Help? The Sports Broadcasting Fund is here for YOU!

Life, as they say, happens.

Fires that cause the loss of a home. Illnesses that cause the loss of income. And, of course, death.

Those are just three of the many reasons the Sports Broadcasting Fund is here for you.

The Fund, established in 2012 by the Sports Video Group, is designed to offer financial support for industry professionals who find themselves in a difficult financial spot due to calamity, illness, injury, or loss of life.

Our goal is simple: to be available as a “first responder” and to quickly help those we help pay bills so that recipients can stretch their own cash reserves so that stress related to financial challenges are not piled onto an already stressful situation.

If you need to apply for aid please download our aid application form (found here) and fill it out. We do not ask for intimate financial records but we do require an “Advocate Referee,” who can be a friend, colleague, mentor, employer or associate of the applicant, to sign off on and submit all applications with proper documentation (for example, copies of bills to paid).

Eligibility Requirements